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Brand RCH

RCH: the strength of experience.
Over the years it has stood out for quality, innovation, beauty in the lines and originality in the solutions;

RCH Point of Sale Innovation provides products and services for the automation of points of sales, commercial retail enterprises, organized distribution, franchised chain stores and public establishments.

Founded in Treviso in 1969, RCH boasts an organization of over 400 Dealers and Service Centres, with approximately 800 licensed technicians who can provide installation and technical assistance throughout the country.

Having been on the market for years means, in fact, having permanent points of reference especially for the after-sales service.

Mission and values

Innovation, Diversification, Technology, Vanguard and Design: These are the basic concepts on which RCH anticipates the needs of the market, challenging it through a diverse range of innovative, beautiful and technologically advanced products and services to meet any requirement.


RCH holds the position of market leader because it pursues the following values​​:

  • Personal Growth
  • Organizational excellence
  • Quality and Efficiency
  • Continued innovation

The RCH team, in fact, by studying ever more advanced solutions, are able to design such unique products that it makes RCH the ideal partner for every Customer.