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RCH GROUP joins the ELITE programme


Elite Borsa Italiana

On the 4th November 2014, the RCH GROUP joined Elite, the Italian stock exchange’s integrated service programme for helping small and medium enterprises implement their projects for growth. The Elite programme provides industrial, financial and organisational competence needed to overcome the challenges of international markets.

MD Stefano de Pra describes the decision to join the programme thus: “In a changing world with increasingly competitive markets I consider ELITE to be an incentive and a training ground for developing and overcoming the challenges that globalisation imposes on us every day.”

The desire to grow and make its mark is in the RCH GROUP DNA. It has been providing the market with quality-assured and stylish technologically innovative solutions that upgrade local stores since 1969, the year it was set up.

After becoming Italian market leader, RCH Group wanted to try to firmly establish its export arm by entering circa 15 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. The future lies in penetrating the global market which, as well as offering a premium development environment, requires discipline, mercurial thinking, a professional approach, precision and imagination.

Joining Elite rewards corporate values and the operational standard, but at the same time is an incentive for ongoing improvement in order to remain key players in the toughest contests.