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The Group

RCH Group Spa is present in 40 countries around the world. Design, production and distribution ensure the efficiency in the solutions at the Point of Sales.
The Group has a strong Italian character of planning and quality, which it is continuing to enhance with the robustness of the Research & Development department.



The group has a strong Italian design, quality and responsiveness that is continuing to enhance the robustness of Research & Development.... more »

la storia


40 years of passion and dedication in working to create the history of RCH GROUP. NEW: 2014»... more »



A major feature of the production process of the RCH Group is the constant attention to maintaining high quality in all... more »



A headquarter that day after day develops, supplies and manufactures innovations, forever careful to respond effectively to market needs.... more »

Job offers that may interest

Growth in RCH Group is based on strengthening and developing skills and abilities in order to play its role effectively, to... more »