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A headquarter that day after day develops, supplies and manufactures innovations, forever careful to respond effectively to market needs.


RCH Group has its international headquarters in Villa Veneta (Villa Garbellotto) near Silea, Treviso. A historic building that collects and gives back the feelings of those who have attended, rich in the past belonging to the Venetian Republic, a place that today still vibrates with the same creative vitality.

A Headquarters which is the ideal place to accommodate the legacy of a pragmatic and lively culture of expert travellers and brave explorers. At this environment, day after day, we reaffirm our identity in the name of innovation in connection with the world.

An area designed and built ad hoc to allow everyday pursual of the passion to create and innovate.

At the Headquarters, there are the offices for administration, research and development, sales and marketing. An accompanied area is reserved for training of the technical and commercial network to always guarantee adequate support that goes hand in hand with the innovations.

The Group warehouses have been allocated, not far from the villa, in a dedicated office in the industrial area of Silea, TV.