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la storia

40 years of passion and dedication in working to create the history of RCH GROUP.

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storia 1969


Foundation August 23rd 1969
It was all the "fault" of Olivetti. Three colleagues (Luigi De Pra, Eugenio de Zottis and Augusto Tieghi) in the late 60s were just about to come under then leading company in Italy in the field of office machines. And so they started for themselves.

storia 1973


Hugin, remained without an Italian importer, directly organized the distribution in our market, with the active collaboration of the RCH, (acronym for: Hugin Cash registers) to which the Tre Venezie region is assigned exclusively.
1973 Hugin launches on the market its first . Electronic Cash register. It is a flop. It runs to the rescue by offering a Japanese Electronic cash register.
With the sale of Japanese products: calculators and cash registers, RCH creates its own space on the Italian market.

storia 1983


23rd March, 1983 the Law on Cash Registers is enacted.
This law profoundly changes the professionalism of the vendors of Cash Registers: no longer the answer to a need - overt or covert - of the user, but an obligation on all business and artisan activities, governed by a law.

storia 1990


After the introduction of the tax law in Italy in 1987, RCH grows in numbers, and reveals the third biggest brand in Italy after Olivetti and Sarema.

storia 2000


First in the world in 2000 to design and propose the electronic newspaper, simple memory cards that replace the paper newspaper for the copy received. From this point on many other suppliers of Cash Registers have followed this idea and today the background electronic newspaper is considered the standard of workmanship on Cash Registers around the world.

storia 2003


RCH becomes industrial. Internally there is a structure with a group of engineers, we proceed to the design of products. The designed background electronic newspaper is introduced on "NUCLEO", the first modular cash register with an embedded operating system (non-PC) for the intelligence and advanced features, such as sending email and connecting to FTP servers for data upload / download. An innovative design that reaches 35% market share.

storia 2004


Proponents of the blue backlit display. Applied to Onda is the very first Entry Level cash register that uses a colour display and that qualifies as a bestseller on the market.

storia 2005


In 2005, the RAL is formed. (acronym of RCH ASIA LIMITED ) aimed at governing the production activities in China, the sale of our products in Asian markets and the search for new products and raw materials.

storia 2006


In 2006 a cash register with "PC GLOBE" was invented, the first intelligent printer with Microsoft Windows CE operating system: with an internal mini-PC unit. It can be connected to a touch monitor to provide a point of sale, where a simple software application to restore and manage the company can be easily used, without any unit of a real PC. This solution saves money, space and is easy to use. PC GLOBE maintains the stylish design, both in the printer and the display and the tactile aspect: the new re-stylished I-GLOBE version, presented in 2010, renewed in colours and outlooking (add other aesthetic features of I-GLOBE).

storia 2007


MCT Ltd was established in March 2007, a company of the Group for the marketing of RCH design products and RAL production (Rch Asia Limited) aimed at increasing the penetration of the Italian market, and not just that. In just 4 years, MCT, has reached the numbers of its co-founder RCH revealing itself to be active and vibrant on the market.

storia 2009


A world’s first once again in 2009 as the first "touchscreen" Cash Register is presented, called "Touch Me": with its 7 " panel and bright and colourful TFT, its vibrant and sensitive touch panel, its user-friendly graphical interface, TOUCH ME the first Touch Cash Register has become "state of the art".

RCH Group


1st January, 2012 the RCH GROUP SPA is born, a cohesion of two companies: RCH and MCT. RCH Group turns out to be market leader with 43% of the market share and a presence in 40 countries worldwide.

storia 2012


We believe in the development of Android and applications for it. In June 2012, during the national Road Show, we launch Italy’s first software based on the Android operating system.

storia 2014


On the 4th November 2014, the RCH GROUP joins Elite, the Italian stock exchange’s integrated service programme for helping small and medium enterprises implement their projects for growth. The Elite programme provides industrial, financial and organisational competence needed to overcome the challenges of international markets.