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A major feature of the production process of the RCH Group is the constant attention to maintaining high quality in all parts of the products.

The RCH GROUP search is a living process of sharing and listening to the needs dictated by the market. Daily interaction with dealers, sales points and customers decrees the strength and mission of the Group The words of RCH describe the facts of a friendly technology ready to deliver the expected service from the outset and for a long time.

At RCH GROUP, technology is the foundation of its products.

Constant commitment to creating new solutions that make needs increasingly achievable. The transformation from commercial importer to real industrial group occurred to give expeditious and timely responses to the requests of the market.

storia 2005

The entrepreneurial organization of the Group has always been characterized by continuing commitment to renewal, considered a basic factor for the development in every field, from communication to computer systems, in search of new materials like integrated logistics.
The manufacturing process is in China, where all systems and equipment are constantly updated with new advanced technologies.